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Patient Testimonials

Look who else chose Synergy and left feeling more ACTIVE, HEALTHY, and HAPPY in just a few short weeks! Each Testimonial is written individually and we look forward to the day that we can add your name to the list of overcomers.

  • Before I came to Synergy I had severe knee pain after my knee replacement. I could not stand anything to touch my knee. Sleeping was a real problem as I could not stand the sheets to touch my knee. Later this was diagnosed as CRPS, but before the diagnosis, my therapists Joe and Jen went to work strengthening my painful knee. They were disciplined, organized and worked with me to attack this problem. They have succeeded by helping me get relief enough so I can sleep and have clothes touch my knee. I would recommend Synergy to anyone who has a need for physical therapy. All of the staff are wonderful! 

    Carole W.
  • The extremely positive approach to learning how to get moving again inspires the patient to try to reach a functional body again. They inspire you to push beyond where you would normally stop due to pain of the operation. Everyone here just spreads cheer and hope to move normally again. 

    Susan C.
  • TO GOD BE THE GLORY for He is the healer of all sickness and disease. He used Synergy as his instrument in healing my body. Everyone was awesome, friendly, kind and caring! Best physical therapy group in town. I recommend you all the time! BE BLESSED! 

    Ethel M.
  • My doctor recommended me to this physical therapy group. It has been wonderful. Everyone is extremely professional and friendly, especially Melissa at the front desk. Completing my therapy, I am ready to be more active with less pain for a 85-year-old blessed man! 

    Carl M.
  • In eight sessions, I have improved on all of the measures for ameliorating the symptoms of Parkinson by 30%!

    I have gained strength, but most importantly I have increased my balance to prevent falls and to move my body with more confidence. The balance exercises, I will be able to continue at the close of the course of therapy.

    I highly recommend this course for all people who are facing aging, motion and balance difficulty. Hopefully, this program will delay the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms.

    GREAT program and wonderful staff!

    Richard B.
  • I have been to Synergy several times. They helped me avoid back surgery for about 5 yrs. This time Ryan and Brett worked with me after major/complex back surgery.

    Going to Synergy is like working in a family. Most staff members call you by name and are familiar with your case. They do their best to help you regain strength, balance, mobility, and confidence.

    The PT’s also help you with accommodations to help you live your best life!

    I would tell and have told friends and Doctors about Synergy. Synergy’s positive reputation is known far and wide!

    Debroah P.
  • Came to Synergy looking for exercise program to help with Parkinson’s treatment.

    Found a professional program which helped and supported me.

    Will continue from their encouragement. 

    Jay L.
  • I had seen multiple PTs and athletic trainers who were nice and helpful, but I never got quite the relief I needed. Having scoliosis often is difficult in getting provider’s who will listen and understand the complex pain I had. After injuring myself while exercising, I thought I would never be able to work out comfortably again.

    Thanks to Annie and Joe, their expertise has helped my pain improve tremendously. It was always a pleasure to work with them. They are very knowledgeable and listened carefully. I always joked that I was a complicated patient, but they were always supportive and determined to help me find relief.

    I am very thankful to be leaving with no pain and with an established relationship with two PT’s I trust and recommend! 

    Madison F.

    The program has been very beneficial! I have been challenged to take steroids for hip improvement with hands-on care and exercise.

    I recommend Waynesboro Synergy to anyone who desires to feel better PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. The staff has been and is OUTSTANDING. Their aim has been to improve my hip with less pain and better mobility.

    I look forward to returning after hip replacement.

    Brenda B.
  • My life revolves around running.  It is my passion and my #1 way to deal with the stress of work and life in general.  This past April I was devastated to become injured after months of training so diligently for a local half marathon.  One week before the race I wasn’t able to run even a few steps without being in extreme pain in my knee.  I was told by my orthopedic that this injury would prevent me from being a major long-distance runner ever again.  Extremely upset by this news, a local runner encouraged me to schedule an appointment with Maddie and the rest is history.  My first initial impression of her and the entire staff at Synergy was astounding.  She explained my injury in depth and made sure that I was fully aware of the time frame and process that I needed to follow in order to be able to recover completely.  I could tell from Day 1 that Maddie was more knowledgeable with running injuries than any other PT that I have seen over the years.  Synergy Rehab does a great job of making sure that patients are able to spend more time with their Physical Therapist at each visit and I have appreciated having that contact with her. Maddie was very encouraging from week to week when things weren’t improving at the pace that I wanted.  At no point did she let me give up on the recovery process.  I feel confident with the exercises and stretches that the therapists at Synergy gave me, I will be able to continue to get stronger and prevent an injury similar to this one in the future.  As a local cross country and track coach, I will definitely be referring all of my runners to Synergy and Maddie in the future. Thanks!

    Julie S.
  • “I broke my hip in September 2018. After initial physical therapy at another facility I decided to go to Synergy in Waynesboro. I was struggling both physically and mentally. I couldn’t do routine tasks, such as bathing, house keeping or visiting with friends for any length of time. I was in constant pain and became depressed. The therapist at Synergy were positive and encouraging. Their hands on approach made me obtain more mobility than I had experienced in months. There continued to be good days and bad days … but the good days were more frequent.

    I cannot say enough about how the Synergy Team at Waynesboro helped me. I can now be with friends and do recreational activities more. My mental state is much improved. Thanks to Maddy, Jimmy, Jocelyn, Spencer, Holly, Melissa and Kate for a new lease on life! Well done!”

    Karen G.
  • “I unexpectedly came across some significant pain in both of my hips. Due to this sudden change, I was reluctant to perform normal activities such as running with my kids.

    Synergy Waynesboro made therapy an easy transition. Every step of the way, the staff was incredibly helpful, supportive and willing to explain all areas of treatment.

    I cannot thank the entire team enough for everything they have done for me and for being so great along the way. I am forever grateful for their friendly faces!”

    Erin E.