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Julie S.

October 30th, 2019

My life revolves around running.  It is my passion and my #1 way to deal with the stress of work and life in general.  This past April I was devastated to become injured after months of training so diligently for a local half marathon.  One week before the race I wasn’t able to run even a few steps without being in extreme pain in my knee.  I was told by my orthopedic that this injury would prevent me from being a major long-distance runner ever again.  Extremely upset by this news, a local runner encouraged me to schedule an appointment with Maddie and the rest is history.  My first initial impression of her and the entire staff at Synergy was astounding.  She explained my injury in depth and made sure that I was fully aware of the time frame and process that I needed to follow in order to be able to recover completely.  I could tell from Day 1 that Maddie was more knowledgeable with running injuries than any other PT that I have seen over the years.  Synergy Rehab does a great job of making sure that patients are able to spend more time with their Physical Therapist at each visit and I have appreciated having that contact with her. Maddie was very encouraging from week to week when things weren’t improving at the pace that I wanted.  At no point did she let me give up on the recovery process.  I feel confident with the exercises and stretches that the therapists at Synergy gave me, I will be able to continue to get stronger and prevent an injury similar to this one in the future.  As a local cross country and track coach, I will definitely be referring all of my runners to Synergy and Maddie in the future. Thanks!