Lynn Forbus,
Marketing and Promotions

Tobin’s wife Lynn has joyfully stepped into the role of supporting Tobin both at home and at Synergy Rehab and Wellness. By directing marketing she is making those important contacts with the medical and general community. By being intimately connected to Synergy she is able to bring a unique firsthand insight about the services offered.
When not helping at the office Lynn is at home with their three amazing children- Jude, Lainey and Cole. All of this keeps her on her toes, but Lynn’s special attention to detail and love of what she and her husband do shows through every time you meet her.
Lynn believes in second chances and sees the work done at Synergy as a way for people to be able to learn to take better care of their body allowing them to step into wellness. For her, Synergy reflects the care and passion of the staff where the wellbeing and best interest of the patients comes first. Her goal is to make sure that everyone who comes through doors feels welcomed and at home.
When not doing the many things that make up her daily routine, Lynn enjoys playing and travelling with Tobin and her three children.

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