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Physical Therapy Staunton VA

Are You Tired Of:

  • Annoying and stubborn pain, stiffness and weakness?
  • Feeling like you're missing out on activities you love?
  • Being told you just need to learn to live with your pain?
  • Feeling like no one is listening to you or getting to the root cause of your problem?
  • Being rushed and ignored during your medical visits?
  • Disappointing results?

Your Active, Pain-Free Life Starts Here!

  • 1 Get back to doing the activities you are missing out on.
  • 2 Maintain your independence, freedom and quality of life.
  • 3 Recover your strength, flexibility and balance to the level it was years ago.
  • 4 Do all of this without the need of opioid pain medication, injections or surgery.

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Return To Normal, Naturally!

Find life-changing specialties and techniques that you can’t get anywhere else in Staunton or Waynesboro, VA.

  • Certified Hand Therapy

    Physical Therapy Staunton VA
    Certified Hand Therapy

    Board certified hand therapist at each location to provide expert rehab and splinting for hand and elbow injuries.

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  • Parkinson’s & Deconditioning Rehab

    Physical Therapy Staunton VA
    Parkinson’s & Deconditioning Rehab

    PWR! Certified specialists address Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders and address general strength, flexibility and balance decline.

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  • Runner’s Rehab

    Physical Therapy Staunton VA
    Runner’s Rehab

    Gait analysis, footwear advisement, prevention and accelerated injury recovery.

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  • Spine Specialists

    Physical Therapy Staunton VA
    Spine Specialists

    Mobilization, manipulation, muscle energy techniques, McKenzie method, ATM2, and mechanical traction are some of our tools for neck and back recovery.å

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  • TMJ Management

    Physical Therapy Staunton VA
    TMJ Management

    Expert management of TMJ dysfunction to regain full opening, reduce clicking, prevent locking and eat without pain.

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  • Vestibular Therapy

    Physical Therapy Staunton VA
    Vestibular Therapy

    Our specialist can fix your dizziness quickly and help you regain your balance and safety.

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Hear From People Just Like You!

  • Physical Therapy Staunton VA

    The program has been very beneficial! I have been challenged to take steroids for hip improvement with hands-on care and exercise. I recommend Waynesboro Synergy to anyone who desires to feel better PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. The staff has been and is OUTSTANDING. Their aim has been to improve my hip with less pain and better mobility. I look forward to returning after hip replacement.

  • Physical Therapy Staunton VA

    My doctor recommended me to this physical therapy group. It has been wonderful. Everyone is extremely professional and friendly, especially Melissa at the front desk. Completing my therapy, I am ready to be more active with less pain for a 85-year-old blessed man!

  • Physical Therapy Staunton VA

    Before I came to Synergy I had severe knee pain after my knee replacement. I could not stand anything to touch my knee. Sleeping was a real problem as I could not stand the sheets to touch my knee. Later this was diagnosed as CRPS, but before the diagnosis, my therapists Joe and Jen went to work strengthening my painful knee. They were disciplined, organized and worked with me to attack this problem. They have succeeded by helping me get relief enough so I can sleep and have clothes touch my knee. I would recommend Synergy to anyone who has a need for physical therapy. All of the staff are wonderful!

  • Physical Therapy Staunton VA

    In eight sessions, I have improved on all of the measures for ameliorating the symptoms of Parkinson by 30%! I have gained strength, but most importantly I have increased my balance to prevent falls and to move my body with more confidence. The balance exercises, I will be able to continue at the close of the course of therapy. I highly recommend this course for all people who are facing aging, motion and balance difficulty. Hopefully, this program will delay the onset of Parkinson's symptoms. GREAT program and wonderful staff!

  • Physical Therapy Staunton VA

    I have been to Synergy several times. They helped me avoid back surgery for about 5 yrs. This time Ryan and Brett worked with me after major/complex back surgery Going to Synergy is like working in a family. Most staff members call you by name and are familiar with your case. They do their best to help you regain strength, balance, mobility, and confidence. The PT's also help you with accommodations to help you live your best life!

  • Physical Therapy Staunton VA

    Having scoliosis often is difficult in getting provider's who will listen and understand the complex pain I had. After injuring myself while exercising, I thought I would never be able to work out comfortably again. Thanks to Annie and Joe, their expertise has helped my pain improve tremendously. I am very thankful to be leaving with no pain and with an established relationship with two PT's I trust and recommend!

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Skip The Doctor’s Prescription

Did you know that you don’t need a prescription for physical therapy?

If you’re suffering from an injury or chronic pain, take advantage of your direct access to a fully qualified physical therapist to diagnose your condition and relieve your pain. Save time and money by skipping the prescription and scheduling your 1-hour initial evaluation at Synergy Rehab and Wellness today!

Physical Therapy Waynesboro VA
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