Jen Henry


Jen graduated in 2000 from the Jefferson College of Health Sciences in Roanoke, VA, with an Associate Degree in Physical Therapy Assisting. She has worked in many settings including outpatient hospital-based, acute care, assisted and long term care, skilled nursing, and the private outpatient clinic. Her experiences include working with patients who are experiencing chronic pain, or are recovering from amputation, neurological, orthopedic, sports related, and post-surgical injuries. Jen sees her relationship with her patients as one of a cheerleader, coach, counselor, enforcer and friend to the many people she comes in contact with daily. She welcomes the blessings and challenges of being in partnership with patients, helping them to obtain their wellness goals.

Jen became involved in the physical therapy field through her experiences in high school sports and fascination with anatomy. Physical therapy has always to fit in well with her interests. Jen believes that one of the best things she can do for the people who come into her care is to have an upbeat attitude and maintain a sense of humor, combined with being a good listener. This is one of the many things she does to develop a relationship with patients so they are comfortable in describing the pain they are experiencing.

Outside of work Jen enjoys spending time with her family and friends, participating in church activities, reading, gardening, and working on her family’s farmette.

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